Punch holes

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To Michael, Blurr and Pilou

I am silent reading the thread because I'm better reading English then writing : )
It's hard to me to reply more consistently, with a more subtle and fluid English.


What I need is EXACTLY What you done. Better saying... what I supposed I need. When I'm doing my pieces things changes all the time. In other words, the process to achieve a "form" is equal or more important then the envised form. In this particular piece perhaps I'll abandon the wires and cut closed plexiglass shapes for the slices. I done something like that in the past with hand cut glass.
To finish this boring talk, is something like achieve an imbalance between the technical problems to build the piece and unleash the emergence of the form.

BTW this job will be done with a router, a french one. I don't have the machine myself. I use this router and a laser cutter as a service.
Usually I send to them 2D vector files. This is the first time that I'm trying to use a 3D tool to go a step forward, not only to sketch and better visualize something.
Another BTW: How can I export from MOI the "flatten" project to be understood by the router? Something tell me that this is a silly question : )

(My stock of words are lowering, time to brake!)

Many many thanks to all of you.
I'll keap reading (and learning)