Punch holes

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Angelo, also be prepared that creating such a large number of tubular surfaces may eat up a large amount of memory, so that is something you may need to watch out for.

You may need to work on each slab in separate batches or something like that.

Also by default MoI is set to display objects with a dense display mesh which makes for a nice smooth looking display but also eats up quite a bit of memory.

You should probably adjust the display mesh setting to be rougher before you create a large number of tubes. To do that, go to Options / View / Meshing parameters, and change the "Mesh angle" parameter to 25 degrees, and uncheck "Add detail to inflections".

That will make for a somewhat rougher and jagged looking display of curved surfaces, but it will also reduce memory consumption by a lot.

Even with that, still be prepared to possibly run into memory / density issues with creating such a complex piped structure though.

- Michael