Punch holes

 From:  angven (ANGELO)
Ciao Paolo (I'm a brazilian-italian : )

I was just tricking around with Curve Isect and Curve Project when I saw your post, but not yet realized that was more simple to do this with the plexiglass surfaces and not the solid boxes.
But I am stuck with a collection of points and can't go forward. Perhaps these points are so simple geometry (with no dimension applied) that is the reason that I can't really punch these holes on the plexi surface. Another problem that I'm thinking is that these holes are not always round, in a lot of them they would be a straight cut. What I'm trying to explain is that when the wire is perpendicular to the plexiglass surface there will be a round hole but when it's not perpendicular the hole will be a projection of the wire intersection, a "straight" cut. Once more apologize this horrible English.


and thanks Pilou for the thread link, I think I read this thread when I was trying MOI a month ago.