Punch holes

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Angelo, it's always fun for me to see interesting things being done with MoI!

> About distribute: I was doing exactly what you suggested
> but sometimes (when you have a big bunch of objects) a
> distribute command could be easier. I think this is uncommon
> in the CAD area, more related to 2D vector drawing apps.

Yeah, this is not commonly found in CAD programs.

But I do like to have elements from 2D vector apps combined into MoI as well, and I have been gradually adding some things from that area into MoI over time.

One pretty big one for MoI v2 was the inclusion of a bounding edit frame so that you could quickly scale or rotate objects by grabbing grips on the bounding box around the selected objects, similar to how 2D vector drawing apps work.

Some kinds of 2D vector operations can be more difficult to fit in to function with 3D objects though, and also it can be difficult to add in the element of accurate placement which is usually a focus for MoI.

Were you looking for a distribute function as way to arrange parallel planar objects?

- Michael