Punch holes

 From:  Michael Gibson
2749.16 In reply to 2749.15 
Hi Pilou,

> If a "multi sweep"(?) exist it will very easy to have the all
> quadrangular mesh with the parallel curves given
> Then make some intersections after with the Plexi rectangles

Sorry, I don't understand this one...

If you want to do a "multi-sweep" as a method of creating a surface, you can use the Network command for that kind of thing, it allows for a crossing network of curves and is not limited to only 1 or 2 rails like sweep is.

But if you are talking about replicating curves across an area, I don't think that will help for this particular case. As far as I understand the problem, Angelo is trying to create holes similar to this:

But instead of straight holes, the hole should actually follow the contour and angle of the wire. So to do that surfaces must be created to intersect with the slabs.

- Michael