Punch holes

 From:  angven (ANGELO)
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Hi Michael, thank you for your quickly replay (on a holiday!) and let me tell you how impressed I am with the accuracy and sympathetic attention to a project strange to your "surroundings". Seems like we are sat to the same table working together with a lot of previous common experiences. I'm really impressed!

About distribute: I was doing exactly what you suggested but sometimes (when you have a big bunch of objects) a distribute command could be easier. I think this is uncommon in the CAD area, more related to 2D vector drawing apps.

I remember to see this pipe plugin somewhere in the forum when I was learning MOI, time to try!

I was a sculptor in a quite old way, I mean, I'm not a digital artist but computer is one of the tools of my toolbox, a tool I use a lot from a long time (89). Your app is fantastic as retain some freshness of the connection between mind and hand. And is so funny that a mac user like me found this beautiful tool in the Windows area.

As soon I have some good results I'll post here.

"E grazie tante a Paolo per l'amabile aiuto!"