Punch holes

 From:  angven (ANGELO)
Hi all (and specially Michael),

First of all congratulations for this superb software, I'm in a rush to draft some pieces for a sculpture show and I come across to MOI, a fantastic fluid CAD package. I'm working in a Mac trough Parallels in a really really smoothy way.

I need some help to what I think could be simple but I can't realize how to do. Apologize my bad English, let me try to explain what is the problem.
One of the pieces would be constructed by 160 planes equally spaced, something like a sliced bread. The "bread" in this case was the result of an MRI of a small bird skull, so... I will reconstruct this skull as a real wireframe. 160 wire boundaries equally spaced. These wires are kept physically in space by some plexiglass panels set perpendicularly to them.

My model was constructed by lines/curves imported from Ilustrator and assembled in MOI. This model was perfect to visualize the piece but... when I decided to sustain the wires in space by the help of these plexiglass surfaces could be helpfull to mark where the plexiglass have to be drilled to pass the wires trough. I imagine that a boolean subtract was the answer but I think that I have to convert the "wires" to a solid, isn't? Convert this bunch of haired lines (sweep?) one by one could be a nightmare. Have I a better alternative?

Thank you a lot.

BTW, how can I distribute objects? Something like Align/Distribute in Illustrator.