Conic curves and surface

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Jamie,

> I guess an rho value is a little arcane and not fitting the
> simplicity of MOI so well,

Well, I guess it won't really hurt anything and since it is kind of traditional I put that in as well.

> but will you be able to adjust the conic curve after creation? For
> example if you make a loft with conic curves will you be able to
> update the conic and see the surface update?

The output of conic is just a regular curve object, so you can adjust it by moving control points around and have a loft update same as for other curves. But currently you won't be able to adjust the rho value afterwards though, since that is not something that you can edit on a general curve object right now.

In the future I do want to make a deeper history mechanism that would allow you to adjust various numeric parameters that went into the construction of an object, which would at that point allow for that kind of tweaking.

> Will the conic curves be in the next beta? or in V2?

It'll be in the next beta. Also I added in a feature that if you snap the ends of the conic on to curves, the intersection point of the curve tangents is available as a tan/tan snap point, like this:

Also that can be used to make an ellipse segment like so:

Also the Rho value will update when you move the mouse around so you can see what Rho value corresponds to the current shape that is defined by the "through point". And also MoI will allow for negative Rho values (normally they are restricted to between 0 and 1) which will produce the ellipse segment bulging from the other side as in the second screencap above.

> I guess the beta stage for V2 is nearly over and its time
> to earn some well deserved money.

:) Yup, it's getting pretty close to being wrapped up, kind of in the final stretches here but it always takes longer than I wish to wrap up the final details.

- Michael