Ayam Can Import 3DM - Renderman

 From:  snation
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Not comparing. I wouldn't use it for modelling, really. The point is this, it can import *.3dm files,
texture them, and render them, as a Renderman *.rib file. Moi, modelling; Ayam, rendering.
If renderman interests you, then Ayam might as well. If renderman doesn't, then it won't.
The GUI designed in TCL/TK, i have never liked it's apperearance. But, it's creator does work
on it. I hardly mess with the buttons and it's not that hard to figure it all out. Blender has a
complex interface, with plenty of features. I don't truly like it's GUI but I do use it because i like
getting to the end product, which is the rendering.
MOI is an excellent and focussed modeller, which i truly appreciate. I use Silo a lot and like the
1.42 version, but, dislike the 2.0 because it is adding features i don't need into it. Zbrush already
does much of where it's going. I like a simple and focused interface, which you are right, Ayam is
not. However, if you want to prettify and render you're grey geometry, on the cheap, this is a path.