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 From:  Michael Gibson
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> maybe MOI will finally become a software with 300 buttons
> and commands but so far, this is my opinion.

I've actually heard a lot of people worry about what will happen in the future, with regard to the UI getting more complex.

Eventually at some point way in the future, MoI might have 300 buttons. But the big thing is that they will not be all showing on the screen all at once!

In future versions when more stuff is added, they will show up as additional tabs in the side pane, but they will be collapsed by default. So you won't see all the buttons until you go activate the tab for that set of functionality.

MoI's UI was designed with this type of expansion in mind, so that future progress should not spoil it! :)

For example right now I count 75 buttons available over on the side pane, but because of the UI structure, these don't all whap you in the face all at once.

- Michael