FR: Query Select

 From:  Michael Gibson
2738.2 In reply to 2738.1 
Hi Jason, no that's not currently available in MoI.

In Rhino I set things up so that a dialog would pop up when you clicked in an area where multiple things were nearby, the idea was to make it possible to cycle through things like you are describing. But the problem is that it pops up all the time when you were not necessarily expecting it, and tends to interrupt your workflow.

So in MoI there is a focus on not trying to pop up dialogs like that for selection - instead you get a pre-selection highlight just when you move the mouse around, which lets you see what item will be selected when you click. That helps to make it so you know what will happen before you click, rather than getting a dialog unexpectedly pop up and disrupt your flow after you click.

Generally if you are having problems with things getting difficult to select because there is a lot of stuff around, it is just best to hide things to simplify the screen and make it easier to target what you want. If it feels like you are struggling, you may possibly not be going in to hiding things soon enough, also zooming in earlier can help too.

In the future at some point I'd like to add in an option for doing some kind of cycle method, but it may be a while before that happens - selection mechanisms tend to be a time consuming area of work and holding down some kind of special key is not necessarily ideal since it is not particularly intuitive. For example it would probably not really do anything at all to help out beginning users because they would not know to do that special action. Because of that it would not be really a complete solution for a broader set of users, more of an advanced user kind of thing.

- Michael