Create Ornament on a Bowl ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Anis,

> Yes, I know about Zsurf, but it will only work mapping
> on to flat / planar surface.

I think it also has an option to do a cylindrical mapping shape, but I don't remember about spheres.

But yes, it may be hard to use for your particular case here.

> Can we use those program to mapping image on to non planar surface ?

Yup, they usually have an option to use an image as a kind of stamp that will imprint into a general surface, they are not restricted to only work on planar surfaces.

Check out some examples:

These programs do produce polygon output though, so you can use them to do something like generate STL data but you would not be able to bring the sculpted results back into MoI since MoI does not work on polygon data.

- Michael