Create Ornament on a Bowl ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Anis,

Like bisenberger mentioned, ZSurf can be good to use for raised relief type work, check out these posts for some more information on it:

Another possibility would be to build the base bowl shape in MoI, then export that to a brush sculpting program like 3Dcoat or ZBrush to add the raised details.

One good way in MoI to build the base shape would be to make a segmented outline and then use Construct / Revolve / Rail revolve to produce the shape.

I've attached a result model here as .

The way I produced it, was I first drew an 8-sided polygon in, so I could use it as a snapping guide so I could snap the ends of a curve on to it and know that curve would replicate nicely with array circular:

Hope that helps get you started! It may be possible to produce your raised outlines in MoI as well by modeling them with sweeps, but it can be pretty tedious. Those other programs mentioned like ZSurf, 3Dcoat or ZBrush are all focused quite a lot on that task of producing raised relief type shapes so they tend to be easier to use to generate stuff like that that is kind of sculpted.

- Michael