MoI Templates files

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Colin, thanks for sharing these!

Some other notes on templates - as you've seen you can set a startup template under Options > General, which will be used whenever MoI starts up.

But there is also a kind of "one shot only" template loader available by right-clicking on the File/Open button instead of left-clicking it. That will pop up an "Open Template" dialog and let you choose the file to open.

It's pretty close to a regular file open, the difference is that it does not set the active file name so that you won't easily overwrite the template when you hit Save, it will prompt you for a new name then.

Also, it is possible set up some keyboard shortcuts so that you could hit a key to open up a particular template. To do that, for the shortcut key command put in OpenTemplate followed by a space and then the full name of your file, like:

OpenTemplate c:\some folder\your template.3dm

- Michael