Fillet and Browser Problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi OSTexo - just to clarify a little bit, it's not necessarily that you have to avoid poles everywhere, if they have a clean and more distinct structure where the things come together at the pole area, it can be fine. Sometimes you even have to have poles like for example a regular sphere object has poles in it.

So like the ones on this area of your model should be fine:

That's got good symmetry, not a chaotic clustering of points in the pole area, etc...

When something is becomes more sort of stretched flat though, like in the bottom cap piece I showed those screen shots of earlier, then the surface tends to be much more jumbled right in the pole areas which is what is not good.

So generally with flat or straight things you want those to be formed by a plane or extrusion that is trimmed rather than having something that is going to have a bad "bunched together" kind of effect.

Filleting in particular will tend to work a lot better when flat things are simple planes or extrusions that are trimmed, rather than a surface that has the natural surface edges directly trying to hug irregular boundaries.

The natural structure of a NURBS surface is as a quad. That quad can be deformed and stretched, and pinched to make poles, but if you can produce the outer boundary by having a more simple surface that is then trimmed, that tends to be more desirable.

- Michael