Bug :: object properties panel

 From:  Michael Gibson
2729.2 In reply to 2729.1 
Hi Petr,

> 1) The object style and size properties entry
> overlap if there is no name of style.

Thanks for reporting this, I've got it fixed up for the next beta.

> 2) Relative adjustment using negative value (e.g. -1)
> seems not to work.

Yes, unfortunately you have to use a double minus (like --1) to do a negative relative adjustment.

That's because the relative adjustment works in a general way on any numeric input field, including ones that can take negative values. If it made a relative adjustment by entering in something like -1, then that would interfere with the ability to input a negative number in some places where that is possible.

For example, draw a rectangle and enter in 5 for the width.

Now you can go to the width again and enter --1 to make a relative adjustment or you can enter in -1 which is a valid number of its own to have there.

It's also allowed to use ++ for a relative addition if that helps to remember the syntax.

> By the way, is there any reason why the numeric input
> flyouts doesn't pop up when clicking on a numeric field
> in the properties panel to edit the size.

Well, there's a few things for that.

First, it just felt like that would be used by people using typed in values a lot...

Also those controls are customized to have some special properties on them, like being able to use variables like x or z (any of x, y, z, l, h, r, d) in expressions, so that required a custom control which was easiest to set up as just a type-in only one.

Also since that panel is pretty small it kind of seemed a bit odd to have the flyout come out of there.

Those fields are also modified to have an extra number of decimal points precision displayed in them.

- Michael