Boolean Madness

 From:  WillBellJr
Michael, is there a reason why those small line segments show up in your models? (Especially since they're not usually intentional!)

It would be nice if there was a script or diagnostic function to check models for problems like this (or a posting of your phone number so we have a direct tap to your brain when modeling! :-P )

It's threads like these where I learn so much about NURBS modeling - like Brian, I can be trying to accomplish something and it just doesn't work, it makes me feel I'm "not good at NURBS modeling"...

But when you see >techniques< and resolutions like this, it shows that it's not about being good but all about having knowledge on HOW to repair issues that in most cases you're not aware of within the geometry.

And unfortunately, tidbits like this are usually NOT in a manual!

It would be great if the Wiki had a Troubleshooting section that collected up problems and solutions like these - they're a great resource for learning how to become a better NURBS modeler! ;-)