Importing IGES

 From:  Michael Gibson
2724.3 In reply to 2724.1 
Hi Philip, thanks for sending me the file through e-mail.

The file appears to have pretty messed up geometry contained in it though, here are the results that I get with trying with a variety of other programs:

Opening the same IGES file in Rhino gives this result:

Opening in ViaCAD gives this result:

Opening in Alibre gives this result:

What happens if you try to import it back into Keycreator, does that seem to work?

I guess it looks like you did get a good result in a SolidWorks import of the same file... they must have some more advanced functions to try and repair badly formed geometry.

It seems pretty likely that the geometry is not formed well since many other apps appear to have a problem with the exact same file.

A couple of things you might try are to export again from SolidWorks - possibly after it having done some of its automatic repair work the result it exports may be more successful into MoI, or also try using STEP format instead.

- Michael