isolate shortcut

 From:  Michael Gibson
2723.3 In reply to 2723.1 
Hi okapi, I'm glad you like the new release!

> I have a question, how do I assign a shortcut key to
> the new 'isolate' hide command?

For that one put in the following as the command:

script: /* Isolate selection */ moi.geometryDatabase.isolate();

You'd press that key once to do an 'isolate' of the current selection. Then when you are done, press the same key again and you'll get the 'restore to pre isolate state'.

> Is there a list somewhere of all the command names, so I
> can quickly go and assign shortcuts to these?

There's a list of all the available command names here:

Except that's for v1, I'll be making a pass through to update that documentation for v2 once the software for v2 is all wrapped up.

- Michael