Error in importing MoI STEP file into UG

 From:  Michael Gibson
2722.2 In reply to 2722.1 
Hi Michael T - well one of the new things for this beta is that MoI now tries to export style information to IGES, SAT, and STEP files.

Part of that is writing color attributes to STEP files, something is going wrong involving that.

It appears that this is causing NX4 to actually crash during the file read - that error at the bottom that says "Unhandled UG exception caught, Internal error: Memory access violation" means that their import code actually crashed but the crash was caught instead of letting it shut down the whole program.

I'll ask the developer of the STEP export library that I'm using about color attributes, from the readout log it appears that the color attributes may not be structured correctly in the STEP data or something like that.

I may have to disable writing colors to STEP for the next release.

Thanks for reporting the problem!

- Michael