From:  Michael Gibson
272.2 In reply to 272.1 
Hi Tony - certainly a group-type function becomes much more important as you progress into more complex and detailed models with lots of pieces.

That's why I do plan to add some type of group / layer / model organization type features sometime later this year.

But it is not particularly useful for concept or simple models.

For MoI, I have been concentrating on the idea that it should be able to walk before it is able to run, so-to-speak. That is, that I want to make sure that MoI V1 is very good and smooth at creating relatively simple models. Once the feature set for doing simple things is rounded out a bit more, then it will be time to concentrate on features for doing heavier and more detailed models.

So don't worry, MoI will eventually get this type of functionality to help with more complex models. But unfortunately it is not possible for all features to spring into existence simultaneously... :)

- Michael