UI Issue

 From:  Michael Gibson
2719.5 In reply to 2719.4 
Hi Danny, thanks for the update and I'm glad that there is a solution.

Yeah, that new desktop composition mechanism is a pretty major change in Vista for how programs end up being drawn on the screen. I rather wish that they would not have made such a big change because it introduces a variety of issues that were not generally present in Windows before, like actually an increase in flickering in some instances which is difficult to avoid since the program is not in complete control of how it is drawn anymore.

But anyway, yes you can turn it off on a per-application basis. In addition to that wizard, there is some kind of compatability tab that you can set on a shortcut when you right-click it and pick properties.

This particular thing with the missing labels looks like it may be just a bug in the desktop composition engine though, it is possible that it may go away in a windows update at some point.

- Michael