Generator curves

 From:  Michael Gibson
2718.2 In reply to 2718.1 
Hi Pilou,

> Does it possible to have something by default that
> give say for example Style "orange" to generator curves
> when you draw an object?

Yes - for this you can set the "Active style".

Brand new objects such as drawn curves will be assigned the active style.

To set the active style, go to the Scene browser and right-click on a style's color swatch. The active style's swatch will be marked with an extra ring around the outside.

For example here I have right-clicked on the Green color swatch, and you can see that it now has the ring around the outside to indicate it is the active style:

> And something in the browser that make difference
> between simple curves and generator curves

Maybe in the future I can add some advanced filtering mechanisms in to the browser to allow for this.

One current alternative would be to set up a script to select curves that are history parents. For example see this script on Petr's page:

That script will switch the selection to the generator curves of selected objects, just do a Select All (Ctrl+A) before running the script and then after the script runs you will have all generator curves selected and you can then hide them with the Edit/Hide button on the side pane.

- Michael