Zbrush / Imp OBJ

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Will,

> The only app I tried last nite was Cinema 4D (XL R10.5) - the
> colors didn't come over but the seperate materials and
> selection sets came in fine.

Thanks for testing it! Yeah, I noticed that too, and I looked around and saw other previous discussion threads online about that with other software - it seems to be a limitation of the default Cinema4D OBJ importer that it does not bring in the color definitions from the .mtl file.

For example:

But yeah the actual assignments to the proper material names are all set up, so that's good though since that is kind of the main thing and you will likely be modifying a bunch of other things on the actual material definitions anyway.

If you do find that some other application's OBJ can import into Cinema4D with colors successfully please send it over to me so I can take a look at how it is structured. But I think it's likely that it will have the same problem.

There is an alternate OBJ importer plugin for Cinema4D which may solve this problem called Riptide, it may be worth a try if you really want the actual colors to come over also:

- Michael