Wavefront OBJ export/import into Kerkythea

 From:  Michael Gibson
2713.4 In reply to 2713.3 
Hi Michael T, yes so then the idea is that with the last beta you can set up styles in MoI however you want to have materials work in Kerkythea.

So for example, if you want 5 different objects to all render with the same appearance in Kerkythea, you can assign those 5 to all have a particular style, then they will be ready to be used in Kerkythea without needing to do extra organizing work on them inside of there.

But if you have not assigned any styles to your objects, they will all have Style=Default and then all have the same appearance in Kerkythea.

This should be generally easier to manage, but maybe I had better include some option to make it possible to still get the old export behavior.

- Michael