Wavefront OBJ export/import into Kerkythea

 From:  Michael Gibson
2713.2 In reply to 2713.1 
Hi Michael T - could you please post an example 3DM file so I could check it out?

Have you possibly set the object name in MoI of all those objects to have all the same name?

If so, then that is a new feature in the latest beta, that it will combine mesh objects that all have the same exact object name assigned to them.

But also there is another possibility, which is that with the new beta MoI also now exports style assignments to the OBJ file as material assignments. If Kerkythea is using material assignments to identify different objects, then that would be caused by this change, and you would currently fix it by assigning different styles to objects that you wanted to have different render materials applied to them.

If you could post a small example file it would help to narrow down which of these possible things is happening in your particular case.

- Michael