Extending solids

 From:  nycL45
Hi Michael,

Despite my poor description you nailed it.

In the attached pic, the upper horizontal (top rail) and the vertical parts (stiles) of the doors have a diagonal joint (miter joint) where they meet that is wrong. These parts should be detailed like the bottom of the doors (a butt joint sort of).

Using your method necessitates a fair amount of work to all the stiles and both top rails. Rebuilding those parts would probably be faster. The stretch function will be warmly welcomed.

The lesson I learned? Simplify.

Thanks again for the prompt help.


Edit: I just checked out the demonstration you linked and am a bit concerned with this: "... if you expect to need to make these kinds of edits on a regular basis, it is quite possible that MoI is just not really the right software for you..." Ack! Sound advice, no doubt, but I prefer keeping Moi and waiting patiently for a stretch function. -L.

Edit2: Your suggestion is quite good, Michael. Duplicate the four verticals simultaneously, cut a section from all four simultaneously, square the ends of parts to remain, align the patches, union everything and boole the verticals down to taste. Ditto the top rails. That would be workable. -L.

EDITED: 22 Jun 2009 by NYCL45