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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pilou,

> When you copy a big selection of numerous objects
> maybe you want give a different name

But how does having the copied objects set as "unnamed" help you to do that?

If you want to give a copied set of objects a new name, try the following sequence:

Select your objects.

Use Ctrl+C to copy to the clipboard.

Use Ctrl+V to paste which will create a duplicate set of objects. Part of the paste command is that the newly pasted in objects will become the only selection.

Now since your duplicated objects are selected, assign whatever new name you wish to them, and you can also drag or use a Transform command to move them to a different location.

Also for other situations you may find the keyboard shortcut script here to be of use:

If you set that on a keyboard shortcut, that will select whatever was created by the last command. So for example if you want to change the result from the Scale command with copy option, after you create the scaled copy deselect objects and use that keyboard shortcut to select all the newly created ones and then you can assign a new name to them.

- Michael