Just a few small requests :)

 From:  Michael Gibson
270.2 In reply to 270.1 
Hi ELF, I'm glad you like MoI and thank you for your feedback!

> I would like to be able to select segments between points, so I can
> "open" curves, by deleting these segments.

The way you can accomplish this right now is to select the curve, then run Edit/Separate which will break up the curve so that each segment is a different individual object. Then you can select and delete the ones you want to remove, then select all the remaining pieces and use Edit/Join to make them back into a single combined curve again.

At some point in the future I want to add some kind of mechanism that will allow you set a type of "selection filter" that will allow you to select curve segments out of a curve without having to separate it first, but that won't be ready until some future version past V1.

> Also seamless converting points between "Corner points" "Control points" and
> "Through points" (plus a few extra maybe? Like PowerNURBS for 3ds max
> www.npowersoftware.com)

This one will also probably take a while, I don't think that I'll be able to get to this area for the V1 release. Right now you can add a new corner point in by using Edit/Add pt, and then check the corner option, or hold down the Ctrl key when you click. Then you can select and delete the previous control point - the end result here is equivalent to converting a control point into a corner point. To "uncorner" a point, you can select the corner point and delete it, and then insert a new non-corner point there.

For "through point", there is kind of a quick dynamic through-point editing mechanism that might be helpful here. If you have a curve and turn on control points for it, if you click and drag on a spot of the unselected curve, it will grab that point on the curve and let you drag it to go through a different point. It's a little bit like a single dynamic through-point. The curve must be unselected for this mode to work, if the curve is selected then the whole curve will move when you drag on it.

> And maybe more control over the ability to change objects based on curves, like revolve.
> There is not much control over the connection between the curve and the object.You
> don't know when the "tie" between the curve and the object is broken, and it's a
> connection you can not control, so maybe moving the curve will change the revolved
> object, maybe it won't.

Basically, if you edit the revolved surface directly, the connection will break. The connection will only stay alive if you don't do something that changes the revolve surface directly - for updates to continue you need to only update the generator curve, not the resulting surface.

> Also, when drawing a curve, it would be nice to "undo" where a point is
> placed, so you can reposition it while creating.

This one I am planning on having for the V1 release, I'm not quite sure which beta version it will be in, probably not for a couple more.

> And one final wish, that would be REALLY nice: adding an image as
> viewport background, so you can trace curves or shapes from sketches.
> I have a sketch of a bowl I'd like to make, but I can't trace it, making MoI
> useless for the job...

I'm planning on making a run at this one for the next beta release, I haven't started it yet but I think I will be working on it next week.

Thanks for the feedback!

- Michael