3ds export?

 From:  Michael Gibson
27.2 In reply to 27.1 
> will be 3ds export option integrated?

I'm not sure about 3ds - maybe... But most things that will read .3ds will also read .obj files, and I am planning on doing .obj.

> Is moi free?

No, the beta is free but it will expire at a certain date (currently Dec 11). Once the beta is finished MoI will not be free anymore, but it will be relatively inexpensive compared to other CAD programs.

> why do we need internet explorer to run moi?

MoI uses the Internet Explorer HTML engine to display all of its UI for buttons and tabs and such. You can in fact see and even edit all the UI files if you want, they are under \ui sub-directory in the MoI install folder.

- Michael