From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr, yup there's no need for that SeparateOBJ.exe utility anymore, it's basically built in now and controlled using styles. You assign styles however you want to apply your materials and when you export to OBJ or LWO formats, those style assignments will be part of the export now.

A lot of people have been waiting for this one, I've been kind of gathering the pieces together to make this possible for some time so it is nice for it to finally be here.

Also another new thing is object names are used now for OBJ or LWO formats as well, so if you are exporting to a program that has a named object scene browser type thing, your names assigned in MoI will now go through to there.

Also it is possible to control how meshes are combined together by assigning the same name to several objects in MoI. All objects of the same name will combine together into a single labeled mesh object with that name. So for example if someone is exporting to Modo and they want to control their Mesh layer structure in addition to surface assignments, that is now possible. This basically controls what the MergeOBJ.exe utility was doing.

So actually both those utilities are now built in.

- Michael