Another feature request

 From:  Michael Gibson
2695.4 In reply to 2695.3 
Hi s7r83dg3,

> These kind of joints.

I do expect to get the mitre joint working for one-rail sweep.

But many of those other kinds of joints are probably not going to be easy for me to add for some time.

You may want to look for some software that is more exclusively focused on woodworking only to get a lot of those kinds of joint functions built in, many of those are kind of specialized things. MoI is intended to be more general purpose and is not so focused in on just one kind of modeling...

> With coordinate system I simply mean a little x/y/z symbol so I
> know where is the Y axis.

There's an option for showing a coordinate system icon, which you can enable under Options / View / Show axis icon. That will show a little x/y/z triad in the lower left corner of the viewport that shows the world axis directions in relation to your current view.

- Michael