MoI & Solid++

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Anis - actually most of the things that you linked to in those PDF files are already available in MoI using its current Solids++ version.

None of those PDFs that you show there are actually talking about new features in Power NURBS v6, all of those are older PDFs that have been around for many years already.

For example in the filleting white paper, those kinds of constant-radius fillets and linear chamfers that are shown can be done right now in MoI.

Also for blending, MoI has a Blend command to do that operation, look under the Construct tab.

Similarly, MoI already offers nearly all of the stuff in the Sweep white paper already using its Construct / Sweep command.

So for the most part, the stuff you are asking about there is already in MoI.

There are some pieces that I have not yet had a chance to make a UI for, which I do expect to expose in the future such as variable radius fillets.

There are a few other pieces such as derivative surfaces that don't have a particularly good workflow, they're just more oriented towards a kind of "waving the mouse around to bulge things around", not particularly that useful really. So a couple of things in there are not really planned to expose in MoI because they are kind of a little strange and probably other mechanisms in the future such as subdivision surfaces would be much better overall at what they are generally trying to do.

But your question is rather overly broad, since much of what you link to is already in MoI - do you have any questions about some more specific features?

- Michael