MoI & Solid++

 From:  Michael Gibson
2692.10 In reply to 2692.9 
Hi Jason - I would like to support 3rd party plugins to extend MoI at some point.

It's not a particularly easy area to leap into though, because it takes a substantial amount of work to make that happen, both in producing documentation for developers as well as support for developers.

Since I'm only a single person working on all different aspects of MoI, it can be difficult for me to get into areas that will require a substantial investment of time. It would take limited resources away from other areas such as working on basic features for end-users rather than developers.

I do want to get into it in the future, just right now I've placed a higher priority on a number of end-user focused type features first.

In the long run, having a nice refined platform that has been through a lot of end-user focused tuning first will be a good thing though, and should help to make for better plugins eventually.

- Michael