Arc Cont annoyance

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rainer, that will happen because once ArcContinue finds an "end" snap among the initial points that were picked, the arc will become locked to be tangent to that end.

The end in question for your case here is the end of this curve I have highlighted:

If you want to use arc continue but not have it lock on to be tangent to that highlighted curve there, you're going to need to hide that curve so you don't snap on to its end point when drawing the arc.

If you want the arc to start at that exact point, you can put a Point object marker on it first before you hide the curve - to do that go to Draw curve / More / Point.

Also you can use Arc from center point to create the arc you want here - just pull off a construction line (hold down and drag to pull a construction line out rather than a normal click and release) perpendicular from that point and place the center point on that perpendicular, like this:

- Michael