Arc Cont annoyance

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rainer, could you please post a model or picture of the kind of thing you are having trouble with?

Especially if you snap the first point of the arc on to the end of an existing curve, it should be pretty straightforward - the arc should always be created to be tangent with the end of the curve in that case.

That's pretty much the situation that Arc Continue was meant to be used for - to continue the end of an existing curve with a tangent arc.

On the other hand, if you have snapped the first point of the arc to some point internal to a curve instead of at the very end of a curve, you can still make an arc that way with arc continue, but the arc will change direction to point towards the final point you pick, it's pretty much intended only to make an arc of less than 180 degrees for this particular case.

Are you trying to make an arc of greater than 180 degrees, while at the same time snapping on to some internal point of a curve rather than the endpoint? If so then yes that could be possibly frustrating - for that case you may want to use Arc from center point instead, like this:

- Michael