noob question

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Thanks Freid, I'm glad you like it!

> I wonder how can i bevel that shape (which is the result of a boolean substract between spheres).
> Any advice ?

To round the sharp edges of that shape, select it and then run Construct/Fillet .

Then since this shape has some tight bends in it, you'll have to pick a fairly small fillet radius for the rounded part - if you ask for too large of a radius it can make it try to generate a fillet that won't fit inside the object, and also it can be problematic if you have tight curves in your object (which you have here near the tips), and your fillet radius is larger than the radius of the curve at its tightest spot.

When MoI is asking you for the radius, you can either pick two points and the distance between those points will become the fillet radius, or you can type one in directly. When things are a bit tight like this, you should generally type them in since you will need to experiment with some fairly small values that are a bit hard to pick with the mouse unless you zoom in a bunch. In this case, I started with 0.1 and them bumped it up a little bit until I used 0.5 to get this:

It looks like you can push it up to around 0.65 or so here before it won't work. If you do 0.7 it will crash, so avoid that one right now! ;) I am hoping to do some work that will get rid of fillet crashes like this for the next beta release.

Let me know if you need any more information,

- Michael