Loft Bug, view bug

 From:  Michael Gibson
2688.3 In reply to 2688.2 
Hi Val - also one other tip for zooming - it can also help if you place the view target point to be snapped on to your particular point of interest that you want to approach.

To do that, use the "Area" button on those view tools - when you place the center point for that area zoom, it will become the viewport's target/pivot point and you can snap it exactly on to a particular point which can make it easier to approach it more closely, especially when you use the zoom button with a more subtle movement amount rather than the scroll wheel.

Also, one last thing - if you are still having problems with approaching a point you can also switch the 3D projection to be a parallel projection rather than a perspective one. To do that go to Options / View / 3D view projection and set that option to "Parallel".

With a parallel projection view zooming in the 3D view will work more like how the Top/Front/Right views work - the zoom is controlled more with an exact scale factor applied to the view rather than moving the eye point around which is what happens when zooming in a perspective view.

Because the parallel view does not move the eye point around, it also won't have that "went past it" type of problem that you were describing.

- Michael