Filling polygons with other polygons

 From:  gabi68
Hi to all,

Before I dld demo version I have a question:
it is possible to fill a polygon with another polygon?
Let my explain a little bit. I am a Rhino user for some years but Rhino dosen't have that possibility (V 4.0 has hatch command but it is not what I want). I make electrical pannel and recently I have a customer who want a buch of led arangend in a pattern. For that I need to create a file in Rhino or Moi3 for my CNC machine. Let say I have letter A and I need to fill that letter with circles (for leds). That circles must fill entire area and must be complete (for using on a CNC machine). What I need it is a script or plugin to allow me to select a diameter or distance (maybe for using anything else like rectangles) and possibility to select distance between polygons curves and filling polygons. So any ideea or sugestion maybe for other software which can do that.