Loading .3dm files from Rhino

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mark, the cost of v2 is going up to $295, and there will be an upgrade available for v1 owners to pay only the difference in price between v1 and v2 ($100).

If you don't want to do that, I think it should also be possible to solve your problem by exporting your files from Rhino as Rhino v3 format, that should be an option available in the File save dropdown in Rhino.

Also one other option is you can just correct the units setting in MoI using Options / General / Unit system.

You'll probably want to turn off scaling on unit system change for that to work correctly - to do that, push the "Unit options" button that is to the right side of the units dropdown, and uncheck the box for "Scale on unit system change".

Then there won't be any scaling happening on your objects when you correct the setting from mm to inches.

If you need to do that a lot, it is possible to set up a keyboard shortcut so you can switch to inches with a single keypress. To do that, go to to Options / Shortcut keys, and add in a new entry. Paste in the following as the command part:

script:moi.geometryDatabase.units = 'inches';

Put whatever you want to trigger it for the key part, like maybe I for "inches" or whatever. Then with that in place you can just type I after loading in one of those files to switch the units to inches, rather than going to the Options dialog each time.

- Michael