Sticky situation

 From:  Michael Gibson
266.2 In reply to 266.1 
Thanks very much for reporting this bug Wibble! Thanks to your description I have been able to fix it for the next beta. The bug was introduced as a side-effect of some other changes starting in the Dec-1 release.

> Maybe you've spotted this yourself too, Michael:

I've seen the command UI get stuck once or twice, but I wasn't exactly sure what the steps were to get it there. Your steps made it easy to reproduce it and fix it!

The way it will work in the next beta is that it will first cancel the current command, and then after that it will undo the last thing from before the command... I guess that might be a little unexpected, because it means that two things will appear to go away at once - the in-progress loft will go away because of the cancel, then whatever was the last thing you did before that will go away because of the undo. But on the other hand this is consistent with how other commands work - if you launch a different command before you have finished the current one, it will cancel the current one and then start the other one in this same type of manner...

Anyway, thanks again for tracking down and reporting that bug!

- Michael