La Couronne (for Pilou) ;-)

 From:  d^^b (DAVID)
Thank you guys!

Pilou, I think that there are a huge difference between my model and the Thomas one. The Soleil Royal is more baroque than La Couronne, and he´s modeling it with these level of details....only compare my canon with the other one :-)

Michael, I have some questions about this model. This model is draw in mm and it is very very small (56 mm of length). When I try to change the units to meters, the file is crashed. But the generated file with the bug is empty. Anyway, if you want I´ll send you. There are a *.zip and a *.dmp file.

Another question. Since the last beta -with the Styles- are the files smaller, or it´s my imagination? :-?

Another one: When I want to change the style of any object (all the formers files are draw without styles) I switch the style off and then I change the property of the object for put it into the new style, but then, the style switch on. For me, is easiest to keep the styles off because in this way the screen is going clearing meanwhile I was changing the object to deactivated styles.

The last one: When I was trying to export the file for import in Blender, I switch all the Styles off, less one of them. Then I select all the object of those style, and I export them to a file (named with the name of the style). This steps has been made in *.obj and *.lwo.
But some of this files, when I merged them into Blender, doesn´t keep the scale. What´s happening?. I think that it´s can be related to the small size of the drawing

Well, thank you!


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