La Couronne (for Pilou) ;-)

 From:  d^^b (DAVID)
A thousand of years ago, I started a french vessel named "La Couronne"

After a marriage, a child, some betas, a V1 version, more betas...finally I have finished it at 90% :-)

The most important reason for this delayed (the second one is that I am a lazy) is because the last versions of the file was 168 mb and my computer couldn´t handle so a big file. After the Styles, the file is "only" 92 mb and I finally could to make a simetry and add any details.

Anyway, I must to copy the cannons (there are a lot of them), draw the anchors and...a lot of details! ;-)

Well, I wanted to make a tuto explained my steps. Actually, all the commands and techniques used are very standard, but if someone is interested about that, I´ll try to explain the steps.

Finally, I have made a render in Yafaray under Blender. My computer is old, and is a torture to obtain an incipient image. Soon I´ll get a new computer and I hope to investigate more seriously in LuxRender and Yafaray.
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