From:  Michael Gibson
2656.2 In reply to 2656.1 
Hi Andras,

> Is it possible that V1's viewport is faster then V2beta?

I would be kind of surprised if this happened... There have not really been very many changes to the way the basic viewport display works between v1 and v2 as far as just viewing and zooming/rotating around.

There have been some changes to how v2 works for some particular areas like transformations, for example dragging heavy objects should be much faster in v2 than in v1.

If you have an example of something that works better in v1 than in v2, can you please send the file to me at so I can see what may be happening?

Also if you want to compare speeds, you may want to turn on the viewport display time marker. That will make a number appear in the upper-left corner of a viewport beneath the view name, that shows how many milliseconds it took to draw it.

To enable that, hold down Ctrl and click on the "MoI" label in the upper-right corner of the screen that shows up next to the min/max/close window buttons when the MoI window is maximized. Then pick the "Show viewport display time" menu item.

That way you can compare some actual numbers between the different displays.

If you have a file that you suspect is behaving differently though, it would be a big help if you could send that file to me if possible so I can examine what is happening.

- Michael