Arbitrary alignment point

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Nick,

> I was thinking that since MoI was coming up in the world, that
> the align command palette looks a bit rudimentary. But thats
> cool, I know you have tons to do... I was just asking.
> Thanks. :-)

Hi Nick, no problem - certainly no harm in asking! :)

But I guess if the Align command was modified, it would require adding some kind of extra "custom point" button to it, is that correct?

Then if you pushed that extra "custom point" button there would be an extra stage to the Align command where you picked the point on the object?

One thing that is bad about that situation is it would require an extra step that is not currently needed if you use dragging or Transform/Move to do that same task right now.

Generally if a function is completely covered by an existing command (like in this case dragging or Transform/Move), then I try not to make other commands more complicated only to achieve the same result...

But if what you are thinking of would give you some result that you cannot currently get with the regular dragging or Transform/Move methods, then that would make it more likely to be a good candidate to add in. But if that's the case I'll need some more information, maybe I have not understood it properly.

- Michael