Nominate Beehive in Sourceforge Community Choice Awards

 From:  Mouse

Mouse from here, where the Beehive Forum devs hang about. I've been cajoled into popping over here and asking if any of you would like to nominate Beehive Forums for the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards.

You can vote for Beehive by clicking here. You may, of course, vote for Beehive in whichever category you like but those at Teh have started voting in the following categories:
Best Project
Best Visual Design
Best Project for Enterprise
Best Project for Government

If we all vote in the same categories then it wont spread the vote.

Sorry for the slightly spammy nature, if you are offended then come over to and give me abuse on there.

I love what customization you've done on this forum, it looks great!

I thank you for your time.