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 From:  Michael Gibson
2621.8 In reply to 2621.6 
Hi Danny,

> Re: pop up, instead of having an 'in your face' pop up
> always appearing when you mouse over a stack of entities,
> could you have a small symbol appear next to the cursor to
> indicate that there is more than on entity and then either
> right or left mouse button, hold and popup will appear, in
> this way you call for the popup when you want.

That may actually be too subtle though - one reason why I want to add this in the future is for more beginning users who get stuck because they don't know that they are selecting a curve object rather than an edge.

Those beginning users probably won't know what a small symbol means, that's why it could use a small popup with text labels to solve this particular workflow problem for beginners.

> Meanwhile, when I do come across this situation we are
> talking about, I'll drop you a post.

That would be great. Usually though there is a solution to such things which is to hide the things that are getting your your way and interfering from being able to target the thing you want.

- Michael