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 From:  Michael Gibson
2621.4 In reply to 2621.3 
Hi Rob,

> OK for the example: draw a rectangle then extrude it
> upwards a bit then try selecting a bottom edge of the
> newly formed solid. You should only be able to select
> the original rectangle.

Actually, I have been thinking about doing a popup just for this one particular situation specifically of edge / curve overlap. (but probably won't make it in for v2 though).

If I can detect just this situation and open up a 2-item popup, I don't think it will be as distracting as a fully general popup.

But the reason why I've thought about that is mostly to help out people who did not realize that they had a curve there. If you know you have an overlapping curve there you can fix this situation quite easily (like you mention) by hiding the curve.

> This is a very simplifyed example and can easily be got
> around I agree. The thing is if you need curves switched
> on for another part of the operation - the rectangle has to
> stay unless you put it on another style.

If you have other curves that you want to leave on, then what you do for this situation is select just that one curve first, and use Edit/Hide to hide it, rather than the browser.

The "old fashioned" Edit/Hide command just hides what is currently selected - if you need to hide just one particular object that does not currently fit with a browser slot, just select it and hit Edit/Hide and it will be out of your hair...

For the next release I've also updated Edit/Hide to have an "isolate" mode on it as well if you right-click it.

But yeah, next time if you run into a problem like this in a test file, it would definitely be a big help if you could save the file so I could take a look!

- Michael