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 From:  Michael Gibson
2621.2 In reply to 2621.1 
Hi Rob - I would like to add some kind of option for this in the future but it is not a particularly easy thing to add, especially since making it trigger too often can cause some bad workflow problems.

> Its a bit hit and miss at the moment.

Do you have an example you can post so I can get a better picture of the situation you are talking about?

MoI does show a pre-selection highlight when you move the mouse over objects, so you can know what object is going to be selected when you click at that spot, that is intended to give you a kind of preview effect so that you can more easily know exactly what thing is going to be selected when you click down.

If you have a congested scene with a whole bunch of stuff all in the same area, really your best bet is to hide some things to simplify your screen so that you can more easily target what you need.

> I motion the use of say the tab key which could be held
> whilst clicking through until you reach the right object.

The tab key is already being used for a different purpose - it places keyboard focus into the first available numeric input control.

> Or possibly a pop-up that lists all the elements in the vacinity
> that would highlight the object as its name was hovered over
> in the list.

That's actually what I did for Rhino, and that basically caused a substantial workflow problem, since that would easily pop up all the time kind of "in your face", forcing you to manipulate that UI when you were not expecting it.

That's why MoI was designed pretty much to work in the opposite way - instead of seeing what possible things you could select by popping up a list after you clicked, instead MoI shows you what will be selected _before_ you click by showing the highlight, which for curves is a kind of yellow halo that goes around the outside of the curve that is being targeted.

When you can see what is going to happen before you click, it means you don't get surprised by unexpected pop-ups side tracking you from your current task.

But if you could possibly post an example file that shows a situation where you are having a problem, that would probably help me to understand better, and see if there is something that can be tuned up to make it work better.

- Michael