Some architectural renderings...

 From:  Michael Gibson
2620.6 In reply to 2620.5 
Hi Rob,

> even when they are switched off in the viewport it seems.

Hmm, when you turn them off it should definitely speed things up.

Maybe there is some kind of bug - if you have an example file where switching a large number of lines off does not make any kind of speed improvement, could you please send that to me so I can take a look at that behavior over here and see if it is a bug that needs to be fixed up?

There will be a few things coming in the future to improve large file handling to a certain degree - I'll probably be able to do a rougher curve draw in heavier scenes (curve drawing is separate from the shaded surface drawing which is what the mesh angle controls), and I think I'll be able to do a kind of automatic coarse meshing that improves to higher density in the background.

But quite a bit of stuff is pretty well tuned up already as well...

If you are having a problem it would be a good idea to send me some data to test with so I can see if there is some bug involved or not.

Also, what are your machine specs (CPU, RAM, Video card)? Do you have a fairly recent and fast machine, with a new generation video card in it?

If you don't then that is certainly something that will help quite a bit for heavier scenes as well...

It definitely helps me a lot to actually get a test file to work with so I can see stuff that you are talking about over here more directly. Just hearing about it indirectly does not really give me much possibility to really know what is going on...

- Michael